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Custom Made Tarot Bags

*I'd like to point out that I am the worst picture taker!  Professional pics are coming soon!*
Bags now come in 4 sizes, which I use for pricing.  Mini ~ $6: fits mini LS decks; Small ~ $6: fits Lenormand decks, regular poker sized decks; Medium ~ $8: this fits your regular sized decks, LS and USG, any deck under 3x5 is medium; Large ~ $10:any deck bigger than 3x5 is a large bag.  I also do circular bags and those are quoted based on size.

I also barter and I love handmade crafts, jewelry, etc.  I collect skulls.   Feel free to make me an offer.

If you are unsure of color choice, I can get pictures to you with the colors together.  I really want this deck to be exactly what you want.

Head on over to the Colors section to see what I have available.  At some point I hope to have pics for each color.  There are many different color designs I can do for you.  You can pick one, two, even three to four colors for your bag.  I am working on taking more pics to show you.

Close up pictures of each bag can be seen below!

Created Bags with color descriptions

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Tarot Decks:

Ancient Tarot of Lombardy
Art Nouveau (LS) old bag
Art Nouveau new bag
Bohemian Gothic
New BG
New Druidcraft
Gilded Tarot old bag
Gilded Tarot new bag
Golden Botticelli in progress
Legacy of the Divine
Llewelyn Tarot
New Mermaids
Robin Wood
Sacred Circle
New Sacred Circle
Tarot of a Moon Garden
Tarot of Dreams  still in progress
Tarot of the Dead
Tarot of the Magical Forest
Tarot of the Master
Tarot of the Trance
Large Thoth
Transparent Tarot
Universal Fantasy
Universal Waite
Vargo Gothic

Round Bags:
The Star That Never Walks Around

Oracle Decks:

Art Nouveau Lenormand
Druid Plant Oracle
Goddesses Knowledge Cards
Green Man Tree Oracle
Gypsy Witch Cards
Key to the Kingdom
Lenormand Oracle
Madame Endora Deck
Mystical Lenormand