Sin's Custom Made Tarot Goodies


Here are my available spread cloths.  But I will try to make whatever you want.

*NEW* 2 foot Swirl

In a three color combo.  More or less can be applied and we can go bigger than 2 feet.

7 Card 11"x19"

Here is my 7 card spread cloth.  I can also make this in a 3 or 5 card.  These can also be a solid color, with or without the ruffle border.

The 3 card has a flat bottom edge and the 5 card has an almost flat bottom edge, so they look like a half circle.  The 7 card uses more stitches which is why the bottom is not straight across.

Heart 16"x19"

Here is my heart design.  This one has a guardian angel applique.  This can also be plain and without the ruffle border.

Granny Square 16"

This one has not been blocked, which is why it is not a true "square."  However, yours will be blocked and have the square shape.  This can also be done in any number of colors, any size, and with a ruffle border.  This one has a plain border.

This one is for my personal use and I kind of like the way it looks unblocked.  I suppose, the next time I have something else to block I will finally block it.