Sin's Custom Made Tarot Goodies


How to Design Your Bag...

I currently offer 3 different designs.  The links should give you some ideas for designing your bag.


This is the Cluster bag.  It has a seam on both sides which are pretty much hidden.  You can choose up to three colors for this one.

More Cluster bags:
*some of these are the old bag design no longer used.  These pics are to show you the stitch.

Art Nouveau


Here's the Seamless bag.  The seam is a slightly raised ridge on one side.
Here are some more examples of the Seamless bag:  You can choose up to three colors with this one.

Art Nouveau
Bohemian Gothic
Sacred Circle
Moon Garden
Tarot of the Dead
Tarot of the Master
Tarot of the Trance
Universal Fantasy
Universal Waite


Newest version!  These can be made in one color or multiple colors.  These can also be striped.  More pics will be added as I make more.  Unlimited number of colors with this one.

*Please note - these bags are not as thick as the other ones but still protect the deck.


Don't forget to choose your button!

So to refresh,
1.  Pick your stitch, Cluster, Seamless, or Tunisan. 
2.  Pick your color(s). 
3.   Then pick the button; ornate, black, or the weird tree-like one.  (You can see these using the links above for the bags)  Or use the name of the bag whose button you want.  I have many more on hand and can also try to find something else.

Don't forget to head over to the "Measuring You Deck" tab to ensure your measurements are correct.  You can pm me over at the AT or send it to my email at

I can get pretty much any color, and am up for experimenting.  I can also send you pics of your bag in progress to see how well you like it.

I am also here to answer any questions you may have.  If you see a bag you like but want different colors, we can do that.  If you want a different stitch, we can do that.  Just ask!